No one but Ukraine can stop Russia, Zelenskyy says

“No one but Ukraine which was supplied with heavy weapons can stop Russia,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video address, APA reports.

President Zelenskyy said to continue to heroically defend the world from Russian aggression, Ukraine needs a specific list of weapons: "I appeal to the citizens of the world to help convey to your governments, presidential administrations, and the leaders of your countries the real needs of Ukraine that will help stop the war."

"We urgently need heavy artillery, heavy armored vehicles, air defense systems, and aircraft: artillery installations (caliber 155 mm) and ammunition; artillery shells (152 mm caliber). As much as possible; multiple rocket launchers: "Hail", "Hurricane" or American M142 HIMARS; Armored personnel carriers (armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, etc.); tanks (T-72, American or German analogues); air defense systems (S-300, "Buk" or similar modern western air defense systems); combat aircraft,” said Zelensky.

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