Novruz traditions in Azerbaijan (ANALYTICS)

Novruz is a traditional holiday celebrated in several countries across Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Middle East. It marks the beginning of spring and the New Year.

The holiday has deep historical and cultural roots, and its traditions in Azerbaijan. In the weeks leading up to Novruz, Azerbaijanis thoroughly clean their homes and yards as part of the traditional practice known as "bahar temizliyi" (spring cleaning). This signifies the renewal of nature and the ushering in of the New Year.

Homes are adorned with various traditional items, including sprouted wheat or lentil seeds (sabzi), which symbolize rebirth and renewal. Other decorations may include colorful fabrics, flowers, and painted eggs.

On the last Tuesday before Novruz, known as "Chershenbe (Çərşənbə) or Tuesday of Fire," people gather around bonfires and jump over the flames in Azerbaijan, symbolizing the burning away of negative energy and the anticipation of a bright future.

Novruz is a time for visiting relatives and friends, exchanging gifts, and gathering for festive meals in Azerbaijan.

People light bonfires and jump over them as a purification ritual to cleanse themselves of illnesses and misfortunes, and to welcome the spring with warmth and energy.

Festive Azerbaijani music, traditional songs, and national dances are integral parts of Novruz celebrations, with performances often featuring traditional instruments like the tar, kamancha, and daf.

It's customary to exchange gifts during Novruz, especially among family members and close friends. Gifts may include sweets, fruits, nuts, and other traditional treats.

Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan is a time for feasting on traditional dishes that vary from region to region but often include rice pilaf, kebabs, sweets like baklava and halva, and a variety of festive desserts.

Novruz marks the beginning of spring, and outdoor activities such as picnics, nature walks, and sports competitions are common during the holiday. People also enjoy outdoor concerts, cultural events, and performances celebrating Azerbaijani heritage and traditions.

Many communities in Azerbaijan organize outdoor events and activities such as parades, folk performances, and sports competitions to celebrate Novruz collectively.

In some cultures, visiting the graves of deceased relatives and offering prayers and flowers is also a part of Novruz observances, emphasizing the connection between past and present generations.

Novruz holiday holds significant cultural and symbolic importance for Azerbaijani people, fostering a sense of unity, renewal, and hope for the year ahead.

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