‘Our struggle will continue until we return to lands of Western Azerbaijan’: Community chairman

“We started a new struggle with the development of the Concept of Return to Western Azerbaijan. Our struggle will continue until we return to the lands of Western Azerbaijan - to the territory of present-day Armenia, said Aziz Alekberli, Chairman of the Western Azerbaijan Community.

He made the remarks while speaking during a public hearing on the topic “Western Azerbaijan: Our historical and cultural heritage subjected to genocide. Revival of the historical and cultural heritage of Western Azerbaijan”, organized by the parliamentary Committee on Culture on Monday, News.Az reports.

Alekberli noted that historical sources, underground and surface samples of culture, tombs and temples in these territories clearly confirm who owns these lands.

“Although many of these temples are Armenianized and named after other peoples, historical truths are like inscriptions written on stones. Therefore, our struggle will continue to the end. A number of historical mosques there are presented to the world as Persian mosques. Armenians continue to pursue this policy even today,” the Community chairman added.


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