President: Nothing will change fraternal character of relations between Türkiye and Azerbaijan

“I think that nothing will change the fraternal character of relations between Türkiye and Azerbaijan,” said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the 4th international conference on “Shaping the Geopolitics of the Greater Eurasia: from Past to Present to Future” organized by ADA University to mark the 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in Shusha, News.Az reports. 

“With respect to relations between Azerbaijan and Türkiye in the future, I'm absolutely sure that both countries will not only keep the format of this alliance, but will strengthen it. Because in this new geopolitical realities, this already became an important factor of regional stability and regional security, whether it is military component, energy, communications, trade, etc,” the head of state noted.


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