Provocations in Shusha are the start of Yerevan's new campaign against peace with Azerbaijan - analyst

The two shellings in the vicinity of Shusha are definitely a "response" of the supporters of the Armenian occupation of Karabakh to the recent visit of the diplomatic corps to the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, Andrey Petrov, senior analyst of "Vestnik Kavkaza" told News.Az.

He stressed that in this way the separatists and their sponsors in Armenia and the diaspora are trying to create the impression that it is not so safe in Shusha and therefore it is unadvisable to visit it.

"I believe that these ceasefire violations, as well as the shooting in other areas, such as on Armenia's border with Nakhchivan, are the start of a new campaign by Yerevan against peace with Azerbaijan. This can be seen from yesterday's statement by Tigran Avinyan about his unwillingness to sign a peace treaty without "solving the Karabakh status issue" and today's statement by Nikol Pashinyan, where he accused Azerbaijan of reluctance to sign a peace treaty.

According to the expert, this shows that the Armenian authorities are going to continue their usual schemes of provocations and pressure on Baku, even though these provocations are absolutely fruitless and pressure attempts are powerless.

"Yerevan currently has absolutely nothing to put pressure on Azerbaijan, it has no army, no military equipment, no strong political position, and no allies ready to fight instead of it with the Azerbaijani armed forces. However, apparently, in Armenia, they do not understand this. Therefore they have started trying to behave aggressively and show "force," although apart from the usual loud and deceitful words in the arsenal of the Armenian authorities there is nothing and is not expected.

Speaking about the presence of Russian peacekeepers in the region Petrov said: "Unfortunately, Russian peacekeepers still have no authority to disarm and expel Armenian military from the zone of their responsibility. The occupation forces were withdrawn from Aghdam, Kalbajar, and Lachin under the control of Russian peacekeepers, but without the use of force on their part. And now, as we see, this is what is required. It is necessary to expand the powers of the Russian peacekeeping mission to ensure full-fledged security in their zone of responsibility - they must be given the opportunity and the corresponding task to unconditionally disarm all the Karabakh separatists holding weapons. This is a necessary peacekeeping act for the post-war processes".


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