Putin signs decree to implement UNSC sanctions on North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to implement the UN Security Council resolution against North Korea, TASS reports.

The decree has been published on an official website containing legal information.

The decree refers to the resolution adopted on November 30, 2016, as a response to North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests. The decree and its annexes come in at nearly 40 pages, clarifying some measures introduced in 2007 in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution adopted on October 14, 2006. In particular, the document contains a list of 11 North Korean citizens connected to the country’s nuclear program, who are subject to restrictions.

Besides, there is also a list of ten companies.

In addition, the decree confirms a list of materials, technologies and products banned for exports to North Korea. Restrictions particularly concern some luxury items, including tapestries and carpets worth over $500, as well as porcelain and fine bone china tableware items worth over $100.


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