Russian expert: Zangazur transport corridor should become a symbol of peace in South Caucasus - EXCLUSIVE

"The results of the meeting between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Brussels are positive," Sergey Markov, a Russian political scientist and director of the Center for Political Studies, told News.Az.

"The meeting itself had the character of respect for the European Union, Europe on the part of President Ilham Aliyev. At the same time it was a hope for Pashinyan to involve more intensively the European Union in the negotiation process, first of all, France, which has a clear pro-Armenian position," Markov said.

According to the expert, President Ilham Aliyev prefers that the peace negotiation process is primarily mediated by Russia, this has been very successful for Azerbaijan.

"The certain success was in working out the opening of the Zangazur transport corridor. The Azerbaijani leadership clearly insists that the functioning of the Zangazur transport corridor should be on the same basis as the Lachin transport corridor. That is, if there are no Azerbaijani customs in the Lachin corridor, then there should not be Armenian customs in the Zangazur corridor. And if there are Armenian customs in Zangazur, there should be Azerbaijani customs in Lachin. The same can be said about the size of this corridor. If Armenia now insists that it must be just railroads and highways, the Azerbaijani leadership suggests that the Zangazur transport corridor should have a certain territory, as it happens now with the Lachin corridor - it is not just a road, but also certain territories around," the political scientist said.

"I think the negotiations will be complicated and they will continue on this issue. The Zangazur transport corridor should become a symbol of peace, which came to the South Caucasus," the expert believes.



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