Some Western circles encourage Armenia to embark on new military adventure: Azerbaijani MP

Some Western circles keep encouraging Armenia to embark on a new military adventure, Azerbaijani MP Tural Ganjali told News.Az.

MP Ganjali was commenting on the planned EU-US-Armenia meeting on April 5 in Brussels.

According to the lawmaker, the fact that Armenia is going to sit at the same table with major powers does not mean Armenia's recognition as a geopolitical partner. 

He blamed certain Western forces for using Armenia as a tool to make unacceptable interventions and destabilize the situation in the South Caucasus.

“These forces’ insidious plans to hold a meeting on the South Caucasus without the participation of Azerbaijan encourage Armenia to embark on a new military adventure,” MP Ganjali said.

The lawmaker emphasized that the EU mission in Armenia has intensified its destructive activities on the conditional Azerbaijan-Armenia border. He also strongly condemned the biased, anti-Azerbaijani statements recently voiced by some US politicians.

“The European Parliament’s recent anti-Azerbaijani statements, as well as Armenia’s creation of new strongholds and deployment of military personnel and equipment on the conditional border with Azerbaijan, indicate that Yerevan is preparing a new military provocation against Baku,” he said.

Azerbaijan always defends its national interests, said MP Ganjali, adding. “Armenia should not look for a security guarantee from some external forces. Armenia must sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, Armenia has already become a tool of manipulation in the hands of these forces.”


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