There are forces in Armenia's army supporting provocations of "Karabakh clan", Russian expert says

The shelling of Azerbaijani positions by Armenia is a continuation of the provocative policy aimed to destabilize the situation, first of all, to neutralize the efforts of Nikol Pashinyan to achieve a peace treaty with Azerbaijan, a Russian expert in international security Yevgeny Mikhailov told News.Az.

According to him, certain forces in Armenia understand that Pashinyan must complete the agreements reached.

"It is quite obvious that the "Karabakh clan" has less and less chance to turn Armenia in the direction of suicidal revenge.  However, certain forces in the Armenian army still support the Kocharyan-Sargsyan tandem, with which the latest provocations are connected. In any case, Azerbaijan needs to take countermeasures, to declare on a diplomatic level that Armenia continues to violate the agreements reached."


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