There was nothing left for Armenia but to take the ideology of Nazism as a basis - Russian historian

Russia is the initiator of the fight against the glorification of Nazism at the international level. Azerbaijan has always supported and is supporting it in this work. In this matter, our countries go side by side, acting together.

Russian historian, author of the monograph "State policy of glorification of Nazism in Armenia" Oleg Kuznetsov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

"Being Armenia's neighbor and a victim of its aggression, Azerbaijan, without any doubt, is naturally the main opponent of the glorification of Nazism in Armenia and the Nazi orders that have been established in that country," he said.

In the historian's opinion, the problem of glorification of Nazism in Armenia is that unlike Azerbaijan, Armenia had no national statehood, culture, and intelligentsia before joining the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

"And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they had nothing to build their national statehood and self-identity on. Therefore, they had nothing else to do but take such ideological constructions as Nazism and nationalism as the basis of their national ideology. In such countries as Armenia, it is also connected with denial of all Russian, open Russophobia, open nationalism, admiration of Nazi criminals who in their understanding represent statehood in the time of collaboration with the Nazi regime. That is why the glorification of Nazism in Armenia is a quite understandable and logical process since Garegin Nzhdeh's theory "Tsegakron" (a nationalist ideology that puts the value of "Armenianess" above all) was the very ideological basis on which the national Armenian legion of Wehrmacht and others were formed," O. Kuznetsov concluded.


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