UNESCO acts in line with France’s interests instead of dealing with cultural and educational issues: Azerbaijani political scientist

French cultural minster and politicians do not aim to protect Armenian monuments but to use Armenia as their tool, Rizvan Huseynov, an Azerbaijani political scientist and historian, told News.Az.

The political scientist noted that France always acts in line with its geopolitical and economic interests.

“To ensure its interests and destabilize the situation in the region, France first tried to abuse the issue related to Armenian residents of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region, however, it failed. France continues to use Armenia as a political instrument to achieve its goals,” he said.

Huseynov stressed that for Azerbaijan, France’s actions are of no worth. “Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan, and the monuments there belong to the Azerbaijan people. The Azerbaijani state fully ensures the protection of monuments in Karabakh,” he said.

The political scientist recalled that during the occupation of Azerbaijani territories, Armenia erected several monuments and buildings promoting racism, nationalism and terrorism there. “But all historical monuments in Karabakh are safeguarded. Here, France and UNESCO are not needed. There is no need for French Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak to worry about this. She should worry more about the Muslim monuments destroyed by France in the Middle East and Africa, as well as about the acts of genocide committed by France against Muslims. France's hands are stained with the blood of millions of people. France has completely destroyed religious and national monuments in the countries it colonized,” Huseynov added.

As for UNESCO’s allegations against Azerbaijan, the political scientist emphasized that this organization keeps acting in line with France’s interests instead of dealing with cultural and educational issues.


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