USD exchange rate in Turkey reaches record high

US-dollar rate in Turkey just now exceeded the level of 3.70 TRY.

Report informs citing the Bloomberg that this happened due to the fact that in November the index of industrial production in Turkey has not changed on a monthly basisand showed an increase of 2.7% in annual terms. So, economists expected an increase of 3.6% in annual terms. As a result, the rate of the foreign exchange market reached 3,7071 TRY/USD.Thus, the dollar exchange rate today, January 9 rose by 1.6%.

Analytical Group of Report predicts the growth of the dollar in first quarter of 2017 to 3,90 TRY/USD, and during the year - exceeding the level of 4,00 TRY/USD. Reduction in national currencies of developing countries is expected after the inauguration of the US president on January 20.


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