West should focus on supporting peace in region: Azerbaijani envoy

Western countries should focus on supporting efforts for sustainable peace in the region, said Azerbaijani Ambassador to the US Elin Suleymanov. 

Suleymanov made the statement in an interview with the radio program of the well-known FOX News channel, according to the Azerbaijani Embassy in the US. 

The ambassador noted that the counter-operation was carried out within the internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan.

“Having liberated its occupied territories, Azerbaijan fulfilled four UN Security Council resolutions demanding the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the Azerbaijani territory. Azerbaijan is restoring its territories completely destroyed as a result of the Armenian aggression,” said Suleymanov.

Suleymanov also expressed hope for the establishment of economic and social cooperation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and in general for the revival of the region.

He noted that extremist ideologies and opinions will not bring any benefit to the region.

In response to a journalist's question about the cultural roots and existence of Armenians on the territory of Azerbaijan, the ambassador noted that representatives of different peoples have always freely enjoyed the freedoms of their culture in multinational Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani society are proud of their cultural diversity and tolerance,” he noted.

The ambassador also commented on the information published by the Human Rights Watch international organization regarding the conflict.

Responding to the assertion that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired at an Armenian-owned church in the city of Shusha, Suleymanov stressed: As stated by President Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani army never aimed at the church.

“The church could have been damaged either by accident or as a result of an explosion on the sidelines, and in this case, there were no human casualties. On the contrary, according to the published data of the organization, during the attacks of the Armenian Armed Forces on the settlements of Azerbaijan where civilians live, cluster munitions were used, dozens of civilians were killed,” Suleymanov stressed.


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