Western Azerbaijan Community unveils new logo (VIDEO)

The Western Azerbaijan Community on Wednesday unveiled its new logo.

At a press conference held on this occasion, Aziz Alekberli, Chairman of the Western Azerbaijan Community, MP, informed the media representatives about the logo, News.Az reports. 

Alekberli said the logo embodies the colors of the flag of Azerbaijan, and its design combines the sun on the flag of the Iravan Khanate and the eight-pointed star, which is one of the symbols of the Azerbaijani state.Each triangular icon symbolizes Western Azerbaijanis, deported from their native lands and living with a desire to return to the lands of their ancestors, as well as their orientation towards their homes. The circle formed by these triangular icons represents the Western Azerbaijan Community.

The designer of the logo Adam Yunisov, a famous Azerbaijani designer who lives in Türkiye, made a speech at the event through video conferencing. Adam Yunisov expressed his satisfaction with the selection of the logo designed by him and wished the Community good luck.

Adam Yunisov was born in 1978 in Azerbaijan. He graduated from the Faculty of Computer Engineering at Hacettepe University in Ankara. Yunisov, who is the founder of Element Visual Studio in Türkiye, is known for his projects and success in different countries.

Adam Yunisov first made himself known in his homeland as the author of the logo of the First European Games held in Baku. He is also the author of the logo dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye.

He is also known as the designer of the “Supreme Order of Turkic World”, the highest order of the Organization of Turkic States.


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