Women's participation in entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan  (ANALYTICS)

Women in Azerbaijan play a significant role in the country's economy, contributing to various sectors and holding key positions in both the public and private sectors. Women entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan has been steadily growing in recent years, with various initiatives and support systems in place to foster their success.

The Azerbaijani government has implemented various initiatives to promote women's participation in entrepreneurship. These include providing access to funding, training, and mentorship programs tailored specifically for women entrepreneurs. Azerbaijan has established a legal framework to support women's entrepreneurship.

The measures implemented in the direction of the development of entrepreneurship have a high impact on the formation of the spirit of entrepreneurship among women and play a stimulating role in the development of society.

According to the report of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan Women made up 50.1% of the population in Azerbaijan. The number of women engaged in entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan is 170,934, 35.2% of women entrepreneurs are engaged in agriculture, forestry, and fishing, 24.4% in trade; vehicle repair, 22.5% providing services in other fields, and 3.0% in household activities.

In the "Azerbaijan 2020: Vision of the Future" Development Concept, which defines the main goals of the country's long-term development, the issue of ensuring gender equality, including the creation of equal opportunities for women and men in the labor market, is reflected.

There are several organizations and networks in Azerbaijan dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs. These organizations provide resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy on behalf of women in business.

Government agencies, such as the State Committee for Family, Women, and Children Affairs, can implement policies and initiatives aimed at supporting women in business. The Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SMBDA) promotes the development of social entrepreneurship in the country, and together with the relevant state agencies and the private sector, takes various measures and implements projects in this area.

Offering training programs and workshops on entrepreneurship can help women entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to succeed in their ventures. SMBDA holds different programs in the cities and rural areas for the development of women's entrepreneurship.

Providing support for women entrepreneurs to balance their business responsibilities with family and personal life is crucial for long-term success.

These initiatives and strategies collectively contribute to the promotion of women's entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and dynamic business environment. Encouraging and supporting women entrepreneurs can have a positive impact on the country's economic development and social progress.

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