World premiere of “Pole Star” by young composer Arzu Abbasova

“Polar star” by young Azerbaijani composer Arzu Abbasova was performed at the International composition competition ‘‘Donne In Musica’’ in Serbia, AzerTag repor

The composition of “Pole Star” by Arzu, a graduate of the music school named after Sharoyev is her miracle which is being opened to the world.

The composition was performed by violinist Anna Radosvlyevich and Milichsa Mladenovich.

Arzu composed Pole Star in 2015. Arzu, who is a student at the Faculty of International Relations, ADA University, has won a number of international competitions in Russia, USA, Kazakhstan and Serbia.

The “Women in Music” Association in Kragujevac, founded on 17th June 2003, is a member of the Honour Committee of the Adkins Chiti:

Donne In Musica Foundation, which is a member of the International Music Council, UNESCO, a foundation that includes 116 organisations of this kind from all over the world. The primary aim is affirming music by female composers, based on the Declaration of the Association of “Women in Music” document from Kragujevac, September 2003. As such, it participates in the following Foundation and UNESCO projects: Education and Culture DG Culture Programme, Women In Music Uniting Strategies for Talent (WIMUST), supported by the European Parliament in Bruxelles from 2000.


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