A cemetery created from terrorist pictures: head of so-called regime makes first decison

By Ulviyya Zulfikar

The head of the so-called regime, which was created in the occupied Azerbaijani territories and is unrecognized by the whole world, has begun to make so-called decisions as soon as he “took office.” Arayik Harutyunyan, a loyal servant of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, ordered his staff to hang the pictures of Armenian soldiers, who died during the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, in their offices. Such a decision by Harutyunyan, who is trying to curry favor with Pashinyan and Karabakh Armenians, is foolish and ridiculous. 

First of all, after this decision, the offices of representatives of the separatist regime, which are decorated with pictures of the dead, will look like a cemetery.  It is unclear to what extent the pictures of the dead will encourage the separatist. Perhaps, with this decision, Harutyunyan predicted the future of the separatist regime. Because the separatist regime created in the Azerbaijani territories is doomed to destruction. 

This decision also exposes the true nature of Armenian aggression. Harutyunyan and his accomplices will hang in their offices the pictures of Armenian soldiers, who are terrorists responsible for the killing of innocent Azerbaijanis. They are killers of babies and women during the Khojaly genocide.  The regime that calls child killers a “hero” is also the followers of these terrorists.  With this decision, Harutyunyan made fun of himself and once again exposed the true face of the occupant Armenia.


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