Armenia in essence took hostage Armenian residents of Garabagh region to its policy of separatism - Azerbaijani MFA

“If the situation were humanitarian, it could have been solved weeks ago on the basis of the proposal of synchronized use of multiple roads. Under pretext of humanitarian needs of the Armenian residents of the Garabagh region, Armenia in essence took hostage these people to its policy of separatism and continues to spread the idea of intolerance and hatred,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in its press release on the briefing for the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan on the latest situation in the region, News.Az reports. 

“Armenia’s close to 10 thousand strong armed forces continues to illegally stationed in the territory of Azerbaijan. Dozens of tanks and other armored vehicles, more than two hundred heavy artillery pieces, including multiple rocket launchers, dozens of different type of radio electronic warfare equipment, close to two hundred mortars are currently deployed in the territory of Azerbaijan where the Russian peacekeeping contingent has been temporarily deployed.

Armenia provides technical, military, logistical and financial support to sustain these forces in violation of its obligations and commitments. The armed formations in Azerbaijan’s territory are financed directly from the state budget of Armenia.

Recent days have witnessed even more intensified military provocations accompanied by increased military build-up, both along the undelimited border and in the Garabagh region. Armenia digs new trenches, builds fortifications and accumulates personnel and equipment in an apparent effort to go into another military adventure,” the ministry mentioned.


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