Armenian military drills in occupied Azerbaijani territories are ‘illegal’, expert says

The military exercises launched by Armenia in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan are illegal, military expert Shair Ramaldanov told News.Az.

He noted that the entire international community recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. “However, international organizations do not react to Armenia’s illegal military exercises in the occupied Azerbaijani territories.”  

The Azerbaijani side is constantly monitoring all enemy movements in its territories, Ramaldanov added. “The Azerbaijani army always stands ready to suppress enemy provocations and fulfill any tasks under instructions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.”

Regarding the large-scale operational-tactical exercises launched by the Azerbaijani on May 18, the expert said ‘unlike Armenia, the Azerbaijani side holds military exercises in its territories.’

“Azerbaijan holds military drills in its territories, and this is the country’s own internal affairs,” he stressed.   


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