Azerbaijan continues implementing another important road infrastructure project in its liberated territories (PHOTO)

The Gubadli-Eyvazli highway is one of the most important road infrastructure projects implemented in the Karabakh and East-Zangazur economic regions under the Azerbaijani President’s instructions.

The highway will play an important role in the socio-economic development of the liberated districts and villages of Azerbaijan, the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads told News.Az.

The road designed in accordance with the IV technical degree with the length of 28,5 kilometers will have three lanes.

Large-scale construction work is being carried out here on the territory with difficult terrain:

- a roadway is under construction for 0-5 km;

- for 5-6 km - the construction of the roadway has been completed

- work is being carried out on 6-14 km to bring the slopes in line with the design level.

Work on the construction of the roadway on a 14-15-kilometer section is nearing completion. On a 15-20-kilometer section, construction work is continuing to bring the slopes in line with the design level. On the 20.9-21-kilometer section, the roadway construction works are at the final stage. On the 21-22-kilometer section, work on profiling and filling the roadway is being completed. The construction of the roadway on the 23-25-kilometer section has already been completed.

On 27-28 kilometers, work is underway to fill in and build a new road surface.

The construction of round pipes, rectangular water overpasses and overpasses, automobile bridges is also underway. Preliminary work is being carried out on concreting the foundation of a rectangular water conduit, construction of a concrete culvert is being carried out, pile work has been completed on the 4th bridge with a length of 122.4 meters, drilling and concreting work has been carried out on a 2.5-kilometer section.

Work on concreting piles is being carried out on a 21-kilometer section of a 66-meter-long automobile bridge built on the 2nd kilometer. Construction work on supports A1, and A2 of the bridge is nearing completion, concreting work is being carried out on the foundation of the support P2.

For timely and high-quality performance of work, the necessary amount of manpower and equipment has been attracted. To ensure the completion of the construction in a short time, a camp was built on the territory. Asphalt-concrete, concrete and sand-gravel plants have been built in the camp, a special area for storing and servicing cars and equipment has been created, as well as an office with all comfort for employees, a dining room and places to relax.

The Gubadli-Eyvazli highway passes through the territory of the villages of Mahmudlu, Khydyrli, Muskanli, Melikahmedli, Gudanli, Davudlu, Eyvazli of Gubadli district.


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