Azerbaijan holds farewell ceremony for seven victims of Khojaly genocide

The remains of seven victims of the Khojaly genocide have been buried in Khojaly.

Seven persons, whose remains were discovered in a mass grave during excavation works in the center of Khojaly city and identified, were laid to rest in the Alley of Martyrs of Khojaly, News.Az reports.

Officials, representatives of NGOs, media and public took part in the funeral.

The names of the victims are as follows:

1. Aliyev Agali Naib oglu, 06/01/1933

2. Aliyeva Suraya Behbud gizi, 06/01/1933

3. Najafov Shiraslan Hamish oglu, 1952

4. Salimov Khazar Sayavush oglu, 09/01/1974

5. Salimova Tamilla Agamirza gizi, 06/01/1935

6. Javadov Ali Musul oglu, 06/15/1954

7. Ismayilov Ismayil Bakhman oglu, 08/01/1955

The Khojaly genocide is considered one of the bloodiest massacres committed by Armenia against ethnic Azerbaijanis. Late into the night on February 25, Armenia’s forces, backed by the Infantry Guard Regiment No. 366 from a then-collapsed Soviet army, assaulted the town of Khojaly, located in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the attack, the Armenian armed forces killed 613 ethnic Azerbaijanis, including 106 women, 63 children, and 70 elderly people; and took another 1,275 as hostages. Another 150 Azerbaijani nationals went missing, and their fates remain unknown to this day. Those suffering major injuries or having been maimed totalled 487, including 76 children.


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