Azerbaijan stands firmly next to Turkey on all regional issues – envoy

Azerbaijan stands firmly next to Turkey on every single regional issue, and this cooperation between two brotherly countries is unique, the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Turkey, Khazar Ibrahim, told Daily Sabah.

The Azerbaijani ambassador also honored Turkey's extension of support on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which he called "Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan."

"The Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan claiming up to 20 percent of our territories is not only an issue for us but the region. It doesn't allow full regional cooperation and undermines security. It's also a global issue. The region is so pivotal for global interests that it affects every other global issue," Ibrahim said.

Drawing attention to Ankara's role on such a crucial regional and global crisis as he puts it, the envoy said: "As far as the Turkish role here is concerned, the position of Turkey is exactly the policies being conducted today. Turkey has one clear-cut position on the issue. It says the conflict should be resolved justly based on the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council, which demanded the withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani territories."

Ibrahim also underscored that Turkey's policy toward the Karabakh conflict is discernable on every single international platform. "The second thing is that Turkey is actively pursuing this policy everywhere, be it in the OIC or the U.N.: Everywhere. We see the active pursuit of this clear-cut position by Turkey."

The envoy also spoke about cultural ties and tourism figures between the two countries.

"Cultural ties, tourism figures not satisfactory are not satisfactory," the Azerbaijani envoy said when asked about the tourism figures and the level of cultural ties between the people of the two countries.

Explaining that the number of Azerbaijani tourists visiting Turkey is much more than the other way around, Ibrahim said Turks should explore the renowned Azerbaijani music, culture and history. "We have to do more to encourage more Turks to come and enjoy these things," the envoy said.

Diplomatic and political ties between Ankara and Baku are good, said the diplomat, noting that economic relations and the bilateral trade volume, though, have yet to live up to expectations.

"During the meeting of the supreme council in Baku, both presidents highlighted the issue that a $2.5 billion trade volume is not enough given the nature of our relations," the envoy said.

Recalling his president's direct order with regard to the projected economic figures, Ibrahim said: "In fact, they already put a first figure in front of us. That's a direct order for me as ambassador from the president. The first goal is to reach at least $5 billion as soon as possible." Stressing that a $2.5 billion trade turnover does not exactly reflect superior economic cooperation between the countries, the envoy said the two countries have investments in each other's economies.




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