Azerbaijan to establish Committee to Protect Rights of Tourists

Azerbaijan will establish a Committee to Protect Rights of Tourists under the Association of Tourism of Azerbaijan to help tourists in solving their problems.

The organization will be headed by tourist expert Rahman Guliyev.

Guliyev has told that the committee, as a non-profit organization, will reduce the burden of tourism companies, answer tourists’ questions and provide them with consulting services.

The main goal of the committee is to eliminate tourists’ distrust of tourism companies.

Moreover, he stated that lawyers will be involved in the committee to solve tourists’ problems.

Likewise, he stressed that during a pandemic, tourists faced a number of problems, such as the return of air tickets, cancellation of tourists’ packages, and hotel reservations. The committee will help tourists in solving such problems, and regularly review new decision, instructions and immediately inform tourists.

It should be noted that the site and the hotline of the committee will be opened in the near future, where tourists who faced problems during the trip can apply.

Earlier it was reported that some 618,300 foreigners and stateless persons from around 152 countries visited Azerbaijan during the period of January-July 2020. The number of arrivals from the EU member states amounted to 17,500, from the Persian Gulf countries to 83,300, and from CIS countries to 218,000. Additionally, 68.6 percent of people arrived in the country, arrived by rail and road, 29.5 percent by air and 1.9 percent by sea transports.


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