Azerbaijani army starts contest to choose best group leader for classes on socio-political training

In accordance with the training plan for 2020, the Azerbaijani army has started a contest to choose the ‘best group leader for classes on socio-political traini

The aim of the competition, held in the types of troops, army corps, formations, independent military units, and special military-educational institutions, is to train military personnel in the conduct of ideological work, to educate them in the spirit of national-moral values and Azerbaijanism, to improve combat and moral-psychological qualities, to bring to the attention of military personnel the importance of observance of the rule of law in the performance of combat missions and personal responsibility in strengthening military discipline, as well as the propaganda of best practices in these areas.

The winners of the first stage in military units were determined and rewarded. At the final stage, a special commission will determine the winners of the contest.


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