Azerbaijan’s Combined Arms Army holds command-staff exercises (VIDEO)

Command-staff exercises were held in accordance with the combat training plan of Azerbaijan’s Combined Arms Army for 2023, the Defense Ministry told News.Az.

The formations, units and subunits were brought to different levels of combat readiness, put on alert, withdrawn from the points of permanent deployment to assembly areas and areas of the combat destination.

In order to improve the command staff's fast decision-making skills in accordance with the tactical conditions and the units’ capabilities on permanent preparation for battle, the units accomplished camouflage and protection measures in the area after taking firing and starting positions.

During the exercises, deployment of the field communication hub in the area was trained. In order to organize management, high-quality exchange of information between headquarters from the support and mobile radio stations deployed in the area was ensured.

After hearing reports on the preparatory training of the aviation units, the MI-17 transport-combat helicopters were trained to attack ground targets with various combat maneuvers.

The air defense units involved in the exercises accomplished the tasks on overcoming the blows of the air enemy operating at different heights.

In order to improve the skills of commanders and combat crews in conducting air defense battles in real combat conditions, army aviation imitated the air enemy with practical flights.

The obtained information was transmitted to the command post when the enemy’s targets reached the detection limit by means of reconnaissance of Radio technical units. The combat crews carried out reports on the time of arrival of the air assault vehicle at the state air border and the sequence of entry into the zone of destruction of anti-aircraft missile divisions. According to the received combat task, the command post of anti-aircraft missile units carried out activities on detection, tracking and destruction of targets.

In the exercises held in accordance with real combat conditions, the artillery and mortar units detected and destroyed imaginary enemy targets with accurate fire.

As a result of the decisive and successful accomplishment of combat missions in a short time, the coordinated activity of the units and the improvement of the commanders' management skills were achieved during the exercises.


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