Baku comments on unfounded accusations of Turkish MP regarding ties between Azerbaijan and Turkiye in energy sector

A spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva commented on the accusations of the MP from the Republican People's Party of Turkiye (CHP) Aykut Erdogdu, News.Az reports.

Commenting on the unfounded accusations of the Turkish MP regarding the ties between Azerbaijan and Turkiye in the energy sector, as well as accusations against the heads of state of the two countries, she noted that ties between Azerbaijan and fraternal Turkiye in the energy sector are transparent and mutually beneficial, as well as in other sectors of the economy.

She stressed that the large and strategic TANAP project, which is being implemented on the basis of strong cooperation, friendship and brotherhood between Azerbaijan and Turkiye, is an indispensable infrastructure project for addressing energy security issues. The total investment in the TANAP project is $6.3 billion, employment during peak periods of the project implementation reached 15,000 people, and most of the investment was provided by local companies. Through TANAP, a large added value was provided for the Turkish industry and the relevant sectors of the country. The tariffs adopted in this project fully meet all international standards. At the same time, the Turkish side receives transit revenues through the BOTAŞ company, which has a 30 percent share in the project.

Abdullayeva noted that Turkiye, along with Azerbaijan, imports natural gas from Russia, Iran, Qatar, Nigeria and other countries. Among these producers, prices for natural gas supplied by Azerbaijan are the lowest. Against the backdrop of high natural gas prices, as well as a growing gas shortage, the TANAP project creates new opportunities for Turkiye both economically and socially and also ensures the sustainability of Turkiye's energy security. As for one of the largest enterprises in Turkiye - Petkim, the subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan in Turkey, became the winner of an open tender with investments in the amount of $2.4 billion in 2008. In subsequent years, the total amount of additional investments in Petkim reached $1.2 billion. The construction of the STAR oil refinery on the basis of multibillion-dollar Azerbaijani investments and its integration with Petkim created the conditions for the production of products worth $2 billion in Turkiye. The friendly and fraternal relations between the two countries have created opportunities to invest more than $19 billion in Turkiye so far.

"We reject the completely unfounded accusations of the MP regarding the alleged "tangled and dark ties" between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Turkiye. These are fraternal relations based on the national interests of the two countries, and it is as a result of these relations that the strategic partnership between the two states has further strengthened and risen to the level of allies with the signing of the historic Shusha Declaration,” she said.

She added that, unfortunately, this is not the first time that a representative of the Republican People's Party of Turkiye, speaking from an anti-Azerbaijani position, makes unfounded statements.

"The Azerbaijani side is waiting for the MP's apology. Otherwise, we reserve the right to raise the issue in the legal level," Abdullayeva said.


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