Baku rabbi calls on Jews to leave Armenia and come to Azerbaijan

Baku Rabbi Zamir Isayev called on the Jews who still live in Armenia to leave the country and come to Azerbaijan.

In his video message on Facebook, Zamir Isaev, who is the initiator of the campaign of the rabbis of Europe and America against the use of the Holocaust theme and the demonization of Azerbaijan by Armenian propaganda, notes that he has been contacted by several Jews who live in Yerevan, who are under enormous pressure, News.Az reports.

"They are threatened in connection with the initiative of the rabbis of Europe, America, Israel, as well as Muslim countries, who opposed the use of the terminology of the Holocaust by Armenian propaganda. I was given a request to stop the protest of rabbis around the world, which began after my video message. I cannot do this. And I cannot help but be indignant when the memory of the Holocaust, the tragedy of our people, is used for their own political purposes by the Armenian leadership. I appeal to those few Jews who still live in Armenia to leave this country because you cannot live in a country where you are threatened only because other Jews in other countries have a different opinion. If in Armenia they think that you are responsible for my words, if you have to answer for my words, leave this country! If you are forced to advocate the use of the memory of the Holocaust for vile political purposes, leave there," he said.

The rabbi advises to go to a country where a Jew will not be touched by the words of his fellow believer.

“Better come to Azerbaijan, where Jews are treated like brothers! Those who want can contact me via Facebook, and I publicly pledge that you will be welcomed here, welcomed, given Azerbaijani citizenship, and, of course, provided your safety. Even in Israel, they say that Azerbaijan is one of the safest places for Jews to live. Don't wait for someone in Armenia to decide to take out their hatred of you! I know that individual Jews in Yerevan are already under pressure to came out in support of Armenia, but it will already be like a declaration of love, but with a knife at the throat! If at least one of your parents is Jewish, you have a birth certificate issued before 1991, contact me, and I will help you move to Azerbaijan," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the leading rabbis of France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK have signed an appeal among almost a hundred European Jewish spiritual authorities who spoke out against the methods of Armenian propaganda and the demonization of Azerbaijan.


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