BP Azerbaijan: BTC pipeline transported 447 mln tons of crude oil so far

Since the 1,768 km BTC pipeline became operational in June 2006 till the end of 2020, it carried a total of 3.57 billion barrels (more than 475 million tonnes) of crude oil loaded on 4,659 tankers and sent to world markets, BP Azerbaijan said. 

According to the company, in 2020, BTC exported around 211 million barrels (more than 27.8 million tonnes) of crude oil loaded on 278 tankers at Ceyhan.

In 2020, BTC spent about $111 million in operating expenditure and about $29 million in capital expenditure.

The BTC pipeline currently carries mainly ACG crude oil and Shah Deniz condensate from Azerbaijan. In addition, other volumes of crude oil and condensate continue to be transported via BTC, including volumes from Turkmenistan, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The BTC Co. shareholders are: bp (30.1%); AzBTC (25.00%); MOL (replaced Chevron as of 16 April 2020 (8.90%); Equinor (8.71%); TPAO (6.53%); Eni (5.00%); Total (5.00%), ITOCHU (3.40%); INPEX (2.50%), ExxonMobil (2.50%) and ONGC (BTC) Limited (2.36%).


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