Cooperation between Baku and Tbilisi is of utmost importance for the stability of the South Caucasus region - political analyst

In the near future, we will be observing the implementation of new plans for cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia, senior lecturer of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, political analyst Zaur Mammadov told News.Az.

"Our countries have always supported each other since their independence. And all this has occurred against the background that a number of neighboring countries have tried in every possible way to spoil the Azerbaijani-Georgian relations. But these attempts failed thanks to the successful policy of our heads of state."

According to him, Azerbaijan, as a leading country in South Caucasus, will continue paying special attention to Georgia in the future, when a completely new geopolitical and economic configuration has been formed in the region.  

"Baku and Tbilisi will continue cooperation in the spheres of regional security, economic, and communication projects. Georgia has always felt the support of Azerbaijan since its independence, Azerbaijan has been by the side of Georgia and its people in all difficult periods. This year we have also witnessed the transportation of Azerbaijani oil to Europe through Georgia within the framework of the Southern Gas Corridor project. And due to this, the revenues to the budgets of both countries will increase significantly from this year," he concluded, stressing that these projects and cooperation between Baku and Tbilisi are of utmost importance for the stability and development of the South Caucasus region.


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