Ex-ISESCO chief says ‘necessary’ to switch to renewable energy sources

It is necessary to switch to renewable energy sources as soon as possible, said the former Director General of ISESCO Abdulaziz Altwaijri.

He made the remarks at the panel session on the topic "Combating Climate Change and Meeting the Global Need for Energy: How do we do both?", held Friday as part of the VIII Global Baku Forum.  

According to Altwaijri, electricity production and climate change are closely related.

"Excessive extraction of energy resources affects the environment. How can this damage be prevented? It is necessary to switch to renewable energy sources. People as a whole must participate in protecting nature and ecology," he added.

Organized by the Nizami Ganjavi International Center under the patronage of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the VIII Global Baku Forum under the motto "The World after COVID-19” kicked off on November 4 and will end on November 6.

The VIII Global Baku Forum brings together high-level representatives, including former heads of state and government, officials of international and non-governmental organizations from more than 40 countries, as well as other distinguished guests, to discuss issues of global importance.


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