France committed massacres in Algeria: Les Oranges association head

France committed massacres in Algeria, said M'Hamed Kaki, the leader of Les Oranges association.

He was speaking at an international conference on "Decolonization: Empowerment and Development of Women" in Baku on Tuesday, News.Az reports.  

"We are talking about the death of 40,000 people. The people of Algeria realized that they needed to get rid of this yoke. Despite the fact that this movement is more than 100 years old, colonial policies still exist," M'Hamed Kaki said.

“When any state demands its freedom, it begins to be demonized, to bully. And who does this? The West, the former colonists,” he added.

An international conference on "Decolonization: Empowerment and Development of Women" was held in Baku on Tuesday. 

The conference was organized by the Baku Initiative Group, under the chairmanship of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Non-Aligned Movement. 

The main objective of the event was to draw attention to the international community on the plight of women in territories still under colonial rule due to ongoing colonialism policies in the 21st century. It also aimed to expose the inhumane treatment and violation of fundamental rights which women face in colonies and to promote the strengthening of the participation of women in the eradication of colonialism.


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