German company must pay for contamination of Okhchuchay River: Israeli expert

The purposeful and deliberate contamination of border rivers, knowing that this river flows into the territory of another state, is a flagrant and deliberate violation of all norms of international law, and is intentional damage to the environment of another state.  

Israeli lawyer and expert on international law and international politics Michael Finkel made the remark while speaking with News.Az about contamination of the Okhchuchay River by Armenia as a result of mining activities of its companies, as well as German company CRONIMET. 

"Such behavior on the part of Armenia would be considered the gravest crime if it were part of the European Union. It would be simply unthinkable. There would be numerous lawsuits against this country, and it would lose all kinds of courts and would have to pay compensation. However, all this is happening in the South Caucasus and it is very difficult legally to influence this situation."

He also called the fact of participation of a German company in the process of contamination and destruction of the Okhchuchay River blatant.

"The Germans themselves would never tolerate such a situation with regard to themselves and, of course, they would have stopped it if it was done to their land and the environment. But in this region, a German company is doing it. It is necessary to influence this company. And I am sure that the German company knows that the poisoned river flows into Azerbaijan, it knows that great damage is being caused to the flora and fauna of Azerbaijan, and it should pay for it. Since this company is considered to be a part of Germany and all EU laws are violated. This is very disgusting behavior and this situation should be influenced directly through Germany itself," the expert concluded.


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