Iran tries to implement terrorist policy it tested in Middle East in Azerbaijan: Political scientist

Recently, many suspects linked to Iran have been detained in Azerbaijan, and their detention indicates that Tehran is planning something negative on the territory of Azerbaijan, political scientist Matin Mammadli told News.Az.

“This can be a terrorist attack or other activities aimed at destabilizing the country and triggering panic,” the political scientist noted.

He said the ongoing developments in the Middle East obviously show the existence of Iran-linked military political organizations and proxy powers.

“These organizations are carrying out terrorist activities,” said Mammadli, stressing that Iran’s activities are one of the causes of instability in the Middle East.

“It seems that Iran is striving to implement the terrorist policy it tested in the Middle East in the South Caucasus – namely in Azerbaijan. The terrorist attack committed on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran in January this year, as well as the terrorist act perpetrated against an Azerbaijani MP a few days ago, can be proof of this. The statements made by Azerbaijani state bodies also point to Iran’s involvement in these attacks,” the political scientist said.

He noted that with such actions, Iran aims to create panic and dictate to Azerbaijan.

“I’m confident that such efforts by Iran will fail. Iran must take the right path. It would be good for Iran to be more rational. Iran’s threats are void. I believe that Iran-led 5th column and agents inside Azerbaijan will continue to be exposed, and they will fail to implement their insidious intentions against Azerbaijan,” Mammadli added.


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