Markov: The main topic of Shoigu discussions in Baku is the Karabakh conflict

Visit of the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu should also be considered as a visit of the personal friend of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, his confidant.

Commenting on the arrival in Baku of the Russian delegation headed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russian political analyst Sergei Markov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az

"Therefore, such a visit should help solve a number of global issues, as well as improve relations," he said.

The expert drew attention to the fact that the visit of the Russian minister takes place amid the recent aggravation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in July this year.

"Here we should also take into account the fact that Sergey Shoigu, unlike other Russian ministers, is most closely associated with Armenia. This is due to the fact that Armenia and Russia are members of the CSTO.  And of course, Sergey Shoigu is aware of all this and understands well in what direction the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia may develop. For the same reason I think the main topic of Shoigu's discussions in Baku is the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict," Markov concluded.


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