Mirzoyan's speech in European Parliament committee - vivid example of hypocrisy, Azerbaijani MFA says

The speech of Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan on January 24 in the Committee on Foreign Relations of the European Parliament is a vivid example of hypocrisy, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry says, News.az reports.

"The proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia to resolve the situation around the Lachin road by military means is a serious threat. Armenian leaders do not call to war for the first time. Back in 2019, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that "Karabakh is Armenia," and former Defense Minister Tonoyan announced a "new war for new lands." Foreign Minister Mirzoyan's proposal for a military solution shows that Armenia has not learned the lessons of history and still does not realize the consequences of the occupation of Azerbaijani territories for 30 years. It is necessary to prevent this adventure of the Armenian side.

The fact that Azerbaijan has presented the irrefutable evidence of a gross violation of the obligations that Armenia agreed to, such as the incomplete withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from our territories, continued illegal activities on the territory of Azerbaijan, misuse of the Lachin road and the rotation of military personnel, the persistence of the mine threat in Azerbaijan, illegal exploitation of natural resources, creation of conditions for illegal passage of citizens of third countries to the territory of Azerbaijan, and others, does not receive due attention and condemnation, and gives courage to the Armenian side. At the same time, it is clear that the last speech of the Armenian FM was inspired by incorrect, non-peacekeeping and revenge-inciting statements made by a number of international circles regarding the situation around the Lachin road,” the statement said.


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