Mobilization support base of Azerbaijan's Land Forces holds command-staff exercises (VIDEO)

In accordance with the combat training plan for 2023 approved by Azerbaijan’s Minister of Defense, command-staff exercises were held at the mobilization support base of the Land Forces, the Defense Ministry told News.Az.

The main purpose of the exercises is to increase the managerial capability and flexible decision-making skills of the military personnel of the mobilization support base during the reception, registration, assembly in accordance with military specialties of the military officials who will be called up at the assembly point when general or partial mobilization is announced by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as to further improve the interoperability between the headquarters.

In accordance with the plan of the exercises, the activities on receiving, inspecting and assigning conscripts to the places of service were simulated at the points, the implementation of all the upcoming tasks was clarified on the map, and the reports of the commanders were worked out.

Deputy Defense Minister - Commander of the Land Forces, Lieutenant General Anvar Afandiyev and other senior staff attended the mobilization support base, and watched the progress of the exercises.

Lieutenant General A. Afandiyev, who participated in the briefing held at the headquarters of the assembly point, heard the reports on the decisions made regarding the appropriate registration of military officials, their medical examination, provision of necessary supplies, as well as the prompt execution of other tasks.

Then the deputy minister enquired about the condition of canteens and barracks, as well as the organization of medical services, and gave relevant instructions.

The tasks set in the command-staff exercises were successfully accomplished by the military personnel.


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