New sanctions on North Korea to yield no result — Russian deputy envoy to UN

Russia believes that slapping more sanctions on North Korea is a dead end, Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Anna Evstigneeva said on Wednesday at a UN Security Council session on Pyongyang’s recent missile tests, reports citing TASS.

"For Pyongyang, there has long been on offer only one of all the dishes on the menu - sanctions. Since 2006, plenty of restrictive measures - one is tougher than another - have been taken against Pyongyang at the United States’ initiative. However, as years have gone by, it has become more than obvious that the sanctions paradigm has failed to safeguard regional security or to bring us any closer to resolving the nuclear missile nonproliferation issues," she stated.

"Imposing new sanctions against North Korea is a blind alley, a measure that, as we have already said, yields no result at all in regard to North Korea," the diplomat added.

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