President Ilham Aliyev: When our lands were occupied all major powers were behind Armenia and today's history shows it

“When our lands were occupied, no country stood with us. They did not give us even moral support. All major powers were behind Armenia and today's history shows it once again. Look at the countries that are most hostile to Azerbaijan today. These countries were next to Armenia at that time in 1992-1993, incited them to invade our territory, supported the invasion and justified them. Nothing has changed in these 30 years,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he made a speech after raising the national flag of Azerbaijan in the city of Khankendi, News.Az reports. 

“Our people were faced with great tragedies. One 1 million people were left homeless. Our lands were completely destroyed. Today, every visitor to the liberated lands can see Armenian savagery with their own eyes. There is not a single sound building left here. Ethnic cleansing has been carried out against us. Genocide was committed against us, the Khojaly genocide. More than a dozen countries have recognized Khojaly as an act of genocide. The movement called “Justice for Khojaly!” has become international scope. The road we have covered from that difficult period to this day is one of honor and dignity. We united and gathered strength,” the head of state noted.


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