Putin lists poverty, social and infrastructure woes as Russia's foremost foes

Russia's arch enemies are poverty, difficulties in the nation’s healthcare services, and problems with education and infrastructure, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with deputy prime ministers on Monday, TASS reports.

"I've just conferred with the leaders of the United Russia list in the same online way, and I told them that I had heard some election teams yell "Yay!" the moment the election results were announced. In the meantime, it is still too early for such yaying, we are still unable to say with certainty we have achieved all our goals," Putin emphasized.

He stressed that he regarded "poverty among a considerable portion of the population and the unresolved problems in healthcare, education and infrastructure" as the nation’s real enemies.

"They are our arch foes. The paramount goal is to give the people of our country a higher standard of living and quality of life," Putin said, adding that in Russia there was far more room for improvement.

Putin asked the deputy PMs to instruct their teams covering all areas in the government and in individual ministries and agencies to promptly, fully and effectively tackle the tasks that lie in front of them. Putin thanked the meeting’s participants for doing a good job during the election campaign and for the election returns.

"We are aware that there are certain fundamental challenges, and the people rate us by the progress we make in tackling them. But the government's routine, day-to-day work is no less important," Putin pointed out. In his opinion, given the pandemic, the cabinet performed professionally enough, and the ruling party was able to take credit for this when gearing up for the elections that in the end produced those results.

Putin said he hoped for vigorous and effective work in the near future and in the medium term.


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