SOCAR drilling new well on Oil Rocks field

Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR will additionally produce around 3,650 tons of oil and 365,000 cubic meters of gas annually through commissioning of a new

The projected depth of the well is 1,650 meters, while the daily debit is expected to be 10 tons of oil and 1,000 cubic meters of gas, according to the message.

SOCAR produced 3.1 million tons of oil from Azerbaijan’s offshore and onshore fields in January-May 2017 as compared to 3.16 million tons in the same period of 2016.

In 2016, SOCAR produced 7.52 million tons of oil from Azerbaijan’s offshore and onshore fields, as compared to 8.16 million tons in 2015. In total, oil production stood at 41.03 million tons in Azerbaijan in 2016, as compared to 41.58 million tons in 2015.

SOCAR includes such production associations as Azneft (the enterprises producing oil and gas onshore and offshore), Azerikimya (the chemical enterprises) and Azerigas (distributor of gas produced in the country), as well as oil and gas processing plants, service companies, and the facilities involved in geophysical and drilling operations.


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