Baku says Armenia's attempts to make baseless amendments to PACE's draft resolution fail

Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a resolution ‘Progress Report on Monitoring Procedure of PACE for 2020’ on January 25, mentioning Azerbaijan and Armenia, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.

According to the ministry, in connection with the traditional annual report, the draft resolution assessed the main events that have taken place in the countries participating in the monitoring or post-monitoring dialogue, including Azerbaijan and Armenia and made appropriate recommendations.

“This resolution contains relevant clauses in the context of the recent hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan. So, paragraph 5 of the resolution notes that the committee followed the events of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region which began on September 27, 2020, held a discussion on current issues and exchange of views with the participation of the MPs of both countries, the co-rapporteurs on Armenia and Azerbaijan called for a peaceful settlement of the conflict,” the ministry said.

“In Clause 11 of the resolution, in connection with, the Assembly called on all parties to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric that hinders political dialogue, to implement the provisions of the Trilateral Declaration on Humanitarian Issues as soon as possible, to immediately exchange prisoners of war and bodies, respect cultural heritage and invites the Committee to monitor, explore ways at a parliamentary level to create an atmosphere conducive to the peace process,” it noted.

“In the above clause the Assembly expressed serious concern over reports and allegations of violations of humanitarian law and human rights by all parties to the conflict, the degradation of some religious sites and monuments, as well as allegations of the destruction of private property, and looks forward to a full investigation of this information and elimination of violations, as well as condemnation of the guilty persons,” the ministry added.

Baku emphasized that attempts of the Armenian delegation to PACE to make unreasonable amendments to the draft resolution failed.

“The amendments by the Armenian side were rejected both by the Monitoring Commission and the plenary session of the Assembly," it said.  


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