Time to start reintegration of Khankendi into Azerbaijan - political scientist

The passage of a truck with food supplies from Russia for Armenians living in Azerbaijan’s Khankendi was delayed by separatists, political scientist Zaur Mammadov told News.Az. 

“The movement of the food truck from Aghdam to Aghdara was planned. However, the truck is currently waiting for passage in Barda. The reason for the delay is some demands of Armenian separatists, as well as certain pressure from the International Community of the Red Cross (ICRC),” Mammadov said. 

According to the political scientist, the geopolitical struggle in the region has intensified. 

“From the very beginning, Azerbaijan offered the transportation of food and goods to Armenians living in Garabagh through its territory. However, France resorted to a provocation by sending a humanitarian convoy through the territory of Armenia. Moreover, several Western circles began to exert pressure on Azerbaijan instead of Armenian separatists. Ignoring Baku's demands, the ICRC adapted its Khankendi office to the Yerevan office,” he said. 

According to the political scientist, despite the above-mentioned facts, the Russia Red Cross Society agreed with Azerbaijan on the delivery of food cargo to Garabagh via Samur, Baku, Barda and Aghdam. 

“However, Armenian separatists and some foreign forces prevented the delivery of Russian food supplies to Khankendi. The food truck sent by Russia is still waiting for passage to Khankendi in Azerbaijan’s Barda district,” Mammadov said.

The political scientist also emphasized that it is high time to start the reintegration of Khankendi into Azerbaijan.  


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