Turkey readies UAV army to fight against wildfires

Turkey plans to actively use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in combat against wildfires, while a local company is now on its way to develop a firefighting fleet with different equipment.

DASAL Aviation Technologies, a partnership between defense giants Aselsan and Altınay, has developed a firefighting concept by using some of the UAVs it produces, an Anadolu Agency (AA) report said Monday.

A three-stage strategy was developed as part of the concept in which 10 different models of UAVs were used on three main platforms.

The first stage features a Fire Detection and Observation UAV. Thanks to the special thermal cameras on them, two different UAVs can detect flames of 1 square meter (10 square feet) and below, depending on the height to be selected, and then transfer images to the center while sharing the location.

The second stage will cover six different First Responder UAVs that prevent the spread and perform preventive extinguishing. These UAVs are designed to carry fire tube and serial firebombs, multiple firebombs, wired liquid sprayers, missile launchers containing solid chemical powder or extinguishing gas, or a multipurpose combo, depending on the type and location of the fire.

In the third phase, the plan was to use two different models of UAVs for anti-spread extinguishing and cooling missions.

The UAVs will carry various preventive materials will be such as specially tuned incendiary bombs, classic firebombs, missiles whose contents can change according to needs.

Thanks to the modular structures, a single UAV will be designed to carry more than one type of equipment, making the system cost-effective.

Also, four different models of UAVs will be used for material support, cargo and search and rescue activities, apart from the 10 different UAVs specially designed for these three stages specified in firefighting.


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