Türkiye elections were open, transparent and competitive: OTS observation mission

The presidential election and the 28th term general parliamentary elections in Türkiye were open, transparent and competitive, and complied with the country’s national legislation and generally accepted international election standards, the international election observer mission of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) said in a statement on Monday, News.Az reports.

Headed by Ambassador Yerzhan Mukash, the OTS Deputy Secretary General, the mission is composed of 30 delegates - parliament members, representatives of the Central Election Commissions and diplomats from Azerbaijan, Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The mission said it carried out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Türkiye, as well as generally recognized rules of international law on the organization and conduct of elections, without interfering in the electoral process and the sovereignty of the state.

“The Mission visited 170 polling stations in total. The Missions did not find any evidence of intervention of administrative or law enforcement authorities in the work at the polling stations. All necessary administrative measures were taken to ensure the free will of the people during the voting day,” said the statement.

The mission said it observed that there were no serious technical problems, which might affect the results of the election.

“The mission observed no campaign materials visible inside or outside the polling stations, nor were there any campaign activities taking place nearby the polling stations. The polling stations were mostly accessible for persons with disabilities. The mission noticed that the elders were listed to vote at the lower floors or basement of the polling stations. There were also mobile ballot boxes for those who could not cast their ballots at the polling stations. The Missions observed no attempt by any outsider to influence voters on how to vote, was given full access to the polling stations, and received necessary information from the polling station officials,” the statement added.

In conclusion, the mission congratulated the Republic of Türkiye and the brotherly Turkish people for the successful elections and expressed its belief that the results of the elections would contribute to further development and prosperity in the country.


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