Verdict against Azerbaijani citizen arrested in Iran announced

The sentence against Farid Safarli, arrested in Iran, has been read out, reports.

The case has come to an end. According to Farid Safarli's mother, Dilara Askerova, Farid was given a two-year prison term.

His mother had already disclosed to Trend that Farid Safarli had health issues and had undergone surgery.

Farid Safarli (d/b 1997), a student at Jena University, Germany visited Iran on February 20, 2023, and hasn't been heard from since March 4. Later, it was discovered that he had been detained in Iran.

The accusation of "espionage" against Farid Safarli during the court proceeding was changed to "intent to commit espionage" on July 19.

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