Warranty-free period of operation of Metzamor NPP expired in 2015 - Russian analyst

I am well aware of the situation around the Metsamor NPP, in 2017 I initiated a petition to shut it down, Russian historian and political scientist Oleg Kuznetsov told News.Az.

He noted that in 2015 the warranty period of its only power unit, which remained intact after the 1988 Spitak earthquake, expired.

"It was reconstructed several times by "Rosatom" specialists, but 2015 was the deadline for its warranty-free operation. After that, this power unit did not undergo any reconstruction or preventive maintenance, and it was supposed to be shut down in 2017. However, it is still in operation, or rather, it was in operation before this earthquake, posing a real threat to the region's ecology and human life and, in principle, posing a potential threat of a man-made disaster," the political scientist said.


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