Western Azerbaijan Community condemns destructive statement by French President

The Western Azerbaijan Community deplores the recent statement made by President Macron of France during his meeting with some radical elements of the Armenian diaspora, particularly his claim of being more vocal than the Armenian Government in defending the interests of Armenia in the context of normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Community told News.az.

“Furthermore, we condemn President Macron's use of vocabulary that infringes upon the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

France's apparent dissatisfaction with Armenia's recent, formal recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan raises questions about France's perception of Armenia as a sovereign state. This statement, made by President Macron, serves as evidence of France's complicity in the past misdeeds committed by Armenia, including the ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis and its refusal to allow the safe and dignified return of the expelled Azerbaijanis to their homes in Armenia.

We urge France to respect the principles of international law, most notably, non-interference in domestic affairs, sovereignty, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and refraining from obstructing the safe and dignified return of expelled Azerbaijanis to their homeland,” said the Western Azerbaijan Community.


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