Western Azerbaijan Community slams report of Human Rights Watch

“Human Rights Watch organization operating in the U.S. has released a report entitled "Azerbaijan: Ensure the rights of civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh". At first glance, it may seem normal for organizations that are said to deal with human rights to issue reports on this topic. The gross errors and exaggerations in the mentioned report could be explained by the sensitivity of such organizations to human rights. However, the clearly biased and discriminatory approach of Human Rights Watch calls into question all of its activities," the Western Azerbaijan Community told News.Az.

“Human Rights Watch" has never commented on the forced expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Armenia. We have sent appeals to the organization several times, the last time on August 12, 2023, with a request to comment on the violation of our rights by Armenia and to support our right to return, but there has been no response.

In its current report, Human Rights Watch, on the one hand, demands that the Republic of Azerbaijan create conditions for the Armenians who want to leave Karabakh to leave the country, and on the other hand, immediately reminds them of their right to return. In this case, we would like to ask Human Rights Watch why have they never remembered the rights of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia in 30 years?

This overt bias and discrimination prove that Human Rights Watch has nothing to do with human rights and this organization is just a cheap political tool in the hands of certain circles.

We demand from the "Human Rights Watch" organization to end discrimination against Azerbaijanis on ethnic and religious grounds, not to hinder the reintegration in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, and to support the safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia to their homeland,” the Community said.


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