Western Azerbaijan Community urges Armenian PM to refrain from false propaganda

Western Azerbaijan Community calls on Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to refrain from false propaganda, slander, and manipulation against Azerbaijan, News.az reports.

The Western Azerbaijan Community, in connection with Nikol Pashinyan's statements of August 11, 2023, declares that Armenia opposes peace in the region, which for 30 years has kept Azerbaijani territories under occupation, and carried out ethnic cleansing and genocide against Azerbaijanis: "Unfortunately, “democrat” Nikol Pashinyan continued the policy of his predecessors and completely destroyed the negotiations process with his “Karabagh is Armenia, full stop” statement in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. We also remind Nikol Pashinyan that the person he appointed as the head of the National Security Service, the former defense minister who later came to fight against Azerbaijan during the Patriotic war, and shortly after fled from Garabagh in disgrace made a statement such as “We will not return even an inch of land to Azerbaijan”, who considers himself a “genius strategist” “went further” and threatened Azerbaijan with “new war in the name of new territories”.

It is a clear example of the pitiful state of official Yerevan, who violated the world’s highest organization-UN Security Council’s resolutions, and instead boasts of occupation, and who now hopes on an utterly baseless piece of paper from a person with a dark past named Luis Ocampo. We call on the Armenian Prime Minister to refrain from fake propaganda, slander, and manipulation of “genocide” against Azerbaijan.

Western Azerbaijan Community believes that if the Armenian Prime Minister is truthfully interested in peace, then he should put an end to the utopian and provocative statements like “Baku-Khanakendi dialogue within the framework of international mechanism”. We, as a Community, accept it as a continuation of Armenia’s territorial claim against Azerbaijan under a different name. The Community believes that the “international mechanism” story also means that Armenia recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity conditionally.

We remind the Armenian Prime Minister, who on one side calls Azerbaijan to "dialogue with the Armenian residents of Garabagh within the framework of the international mechanism", and does not respond to the Western Azerbaijan Community’s offer of dialogue on the other side, and even denies the right of return of Azerbaijanis, the “No population, no problem” approach he is based on is completely unacceptable and dangerous. Western Azerbaijan Community calls on Nikol Pashinyan to not interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, not to prolong the peace negotiations process with various fake excuses, and to dialogue with us to discuss the issue of Wester Azerbaijanis’ return."

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