Al Jazeera posts article highlighting consequences of Armenian missile attack on Ganja

Al Jazeera news agency has published an article covering the aftermath of the Armenian missile attack on Azerbaijani city of Ganja.

In an article named “Surrounded by rubble, Azerbaijanis mourn their losses”, the author brings up comments of eyewitnesses of the missile attack. In particular, the story of 41-year-old Rovshan Asgarov is told.

“On October 17 at around 1 AM, his neighbourhood in central Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second city, was shelled. At the time, eight of Asgarov’s relatives were at home. Five died: his father Suliddin; younger brother Bakhtiyar; his sister Sevil and her 10-month-old daughter Narin, and another niece, Nigar, his elder sister’s daughter,” the author wrote.

“Teymur, Asgarov’s brother, held 10-month-old Narin tightly before she was lowered into a grave. He cried as he hugged her tiny body, covered in a white sheet, one last time. A photo of the moment has been widely circulated, as a symbol of the human cost of the war,” the author wrote.

The full article can be found here.


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